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Who We Are

Cobalt Boats are deep V boats, and what that means is that instead of bouncing/slapping on top of the water like the other ski boats, Cobalt has an oversized v shape in the front that creates a wave cutter instead of a bouncer. Cobalt Boats are by far the smoothest ski boats on the water. This is definitely important on Lake Austin.


What started out as just buying a boat and having fun, has developed into an opportunity to share with others what FUN really is when boating on Lake Austin. After spending time on the beautiful lake Austin, we realized we didn't want to return to the shore to go back to work. Being in real estate for 19 years, prompted us to try to add to the monthly routine with a little FUN that makes money. We’re proud of the small business that we’ve created, and we are going to continue offering our boat rentals and services to customers in the future. Give us a call to see if we might just have what you’re looking for. Come join us on our favorite Lake Austin Boat Rental.

We like to keep it simple.


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Cobalt Boat Rental

Lake Austin Boat Rental
3536 Bee Caves Rd Austin Texas 78746



Lake Austin Boat Rental
3536 Bee Caves Rd Austin Texas 78746

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