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What to expect with Cobalt Boat Rental.

Welcome to Cobalt Boat Rental. Why would you buy a boat when you can take a ride in this beauty for a fraction of the cost. This particular vessel is a 22-foot bowrider equipped with a Volvo Penta 5.0. She knows how to move. Cobalt is traditionally a deep V hull. What that means is she doesn't bounce through the waves, she cuts through them smoothly unlike most ski boats that have a very flat surface on the bottom with just a little v in the front. Cobalt's deep V starts at the front and runs completely under the boat. Cobalt's are very well known to be the Cadillac's of the ocean.

What are the benefits of this boat.

Cobalt Boat Rental is equipped with all the finest equipment. The entire boat is like a premium lounge area. All the seats are cushy white leather, all facing forward for the optimum viewing experience. She will seat 9 guests comfortably in addition to the captain.

Secondly this boat is outfitted with a premium sound system including the very best JL Marine Audio Speakers and head unit. She will vibrate the water as you swim around the boat if you like. If we go up to the bow, this is where you feel like you are riding out in the wind a sun for that King of the World moment, but you can comfortably recite that line lounging against your backrest next to your cup holder. lol.

Moving back behind the wrap around the super thick glass windshield is the captains seat and first mates area, including bucket seats that swivel in any direction so you can always see what is going on. These two bucket seats also have seat boosters, so you can sit all the way down, medium or up to a full standing position. On Lake Austin, you generally want to stand up so you can navigate the river accordingly or be able to carry on conversations with the entire boat.

Looking behind the Captains seats you will find 2 more love seats that will hold a total of 4 guests. These seats are fixed and out of the wind for the less adventurous boaters that are looking for the smoothest ride with ultimate comfort. This area of the boat is the pivot point where the boat rides deep in the water creating a super smooth ride. This is where I ride when I just want to relax.

Now above the love seats and a little further back are what I call the Rodeo seats, there are two big fat seat cushions just behind the love seats. More like the back of the bus. Although these seats are amazingly comfortable there isnt a back rest and I would suggest holding on while sitting there. This is one of my favorite seats to sit in, because I can see the whole boat and I'm elevated so I'm catching some wind and I can see on the same plain as the captain. This is also where I sit when I'm trading out with Captains to keep up with what is going on out in front of the boat.

So now we can talk about her beautiful behind... the 3 tiered back second of the boat is not a place to ride, but a fantastic place to sit when we are just lounging. The Rodeo seats turn into a full length bed when you put in the middle insert that used to be the walk way in and out of the boat. One tier down from the bed is a very nice seat that will hold 5 or 6 people side by side and on the passenger side there is a stereo control that really comes in handy. Last is a step down to the swim deck which will easily hold 3-4 people sitting side by side. This swim deck has a telescoping ladder that pulls out to make it easier to get up if you are not as spry as you used to be. In addition this is the best place to roll up my 18ft Lily Pad. You can see it rolled out in the photo above. Its just made of super thick foam, and you can hook it up to the two cleats placed on the rear of the boat.

I love this boat and I love sharing it with all kinds of people. No matter where you sit, the best Lake Austin Boat Rental, Cobalt Boat Rental has an awesome seat for everyone. Where do you want to sit?

Written by the owner: John Harkey

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